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...IIt will be difficult to hear you!



Aphonflex is a vinyl wallcovering structured in different layers to obtain the best acoustic comfort of the environments bu playing on the balance between absorption and reflection of the sound waves.

Its application helps reduce the echo effect, the external noises and the release of noises from the environment.

The expanded layer of closed cell PVC helps reduce the echo effects and the release of noises from the environment.

Aphonflex absorbs the unpleasant effects of high frequencies enhancing the purity of audible frequencies.

In addition to the wide range of colors and embossing available in the collections, Aphonflex can be customized according to customer needs. Also for digital plotter.

Thanks to its thickness it can be applied on walls that are not completely smooth, thus hiding the surface irregularities.

  • Weight: 700 +/- 10% gr/m2
  • Composition: pvc and plasticizers 92%; woven cotton canvas 8%
  • Colour fastness: Xenotest index > = 6
  • Fire resistance: B-S2-d0 SBI Euroclass
  • Width 130 cm
  • Roll length: standard 20-25 linear meters
  • CE: EN 15012, 0479/CPR/5409
  • Penetrazione sangue e fluidi corporei: compliant ISO 16603:2004
  • Sound absorption: 𝛼w 0.40 (certification)
  • IMO / MED: USCG-EU MRA 552