Vinyl coated cotton canvas.

MURAFLEX is a wall covering that meets the functional (protection – hygiene – maintenance) and esthetic requirements of hotels, offices, hospitals and public facilities. MURALFLEX is washable, and has sizing stability, as well as tensile, aging and abrasion resistance; it has color stability and it is flame-resistant, with Class 1 approved fire-retardant.

The Muraflex support is 100% cotton. To meet all of our customer’s needs, we have adapted it to all surfaces and solutions deciding to develop the product in three different weights, standard 700 g per m2, focus 500 g per m2 and feather 350 g per m2. The only factor that changes is the amount of surface PVC coating. Depending on the embossing requested, we will be happy to recommend the best weight.

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Paretex has the same embossing, prints and designs. The only thing that changes is the support, which in this case is (non-woven) TNT. Ideal for humidity prone areas (spas, swimming pools), because not using cotton but rather a non-woven support, allowed for developing a highly antimicrobial and antibacterial material. Finally, we produce technologically advanced Paretex anti-tear, ideal for all those high-traffic areas!

Decorflex is our wallcovering recommend for large quantities; with paper support, it is easy to apply, has a wide range of colors, prints and embossing!

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Acoustic wall covering on non-woven fabric support.

APHONFLEX is a wallcovering for acoustic comfort, designed to exceed the highest standards prescribed for wallcoverings of auditoriums, movie theaters, public buildings, meeting rooms, schools, restaurants and offices. These superior characteristics ensure outstanding sound insulation and echo effect absorption, in addition to resistance, durability, convenience and security such as to make APHONFLEX ideal for both larger applications and for residential and home use.

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