Vinyl coated on cotton canvas.

MURALFLEX is a wall covering that meets the functional (protection – hygiene – maintenance) and aesthetic needs of hotels, offices, hospitals and public places. MURALFLEX is washable, has dimensional stability, resistance to tension, aging and abrasion; it has color stability and is fireproof, certified in class Bs2d0.

The Muralflex substrate is 100% cotton. To meet the different needs of our customers, we have developed the article in three different variants: standard 700 g per m2, focus 500 g per m2 and piuma 350 g per m2.

Depending on the embossing, wear resistance, flame retardancy and budget we recommend the most appropriate article.


Vinyl coated on TNT or paper support.

Ideal for more humid areas (spas, swimming pools): not having cotton but fabric, it is a highly antimicrobial and antibacterial material. The Paretex, anti-tear, is ideal for all those surfaces with long distances.

PARETEX (TNT) and Decorflex (paper) are wall coverings recommended for big quantities. Also supplied in 140cm height, quick to apply, they are available in colors and embossing chosen by the customer.

Approved with Bs2d0 fireproof certification.


Acoustic wall covering on non-woven fabric (digital plotter version) or cotton support.

APHONFLEX is a wall covering for acoustic comfort, made to exceed the strictest standards prescribed for the wall coverings of auditoriums, cinemas, public buildings, meeting rooms, schools, restaurants and offices. These superior characteristics guarantee acoustic insulation performance and absorption of the eco effect, as well as resistance, durability, practicality and safety such as to make APHONFLEX ideal both in large projects and for residential and domestic use.