Research and Development

The research activity is considered an essential element that constantly aims towards outstanding quality. The goal is always to offer solutions and materials aligned to new regulatory requirements and to development of new technical solutions.

Resinflex has an in house Research and Development laboratory engaged in the development of the needs voiced by our Customers.

The workshop aims to offer customers customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our lab technicians have developed advanced formulations that have led to high technical standards in different fields of application. These formulations were registered as exclusive Resinflex brands:


Stretch2: When softness and strength come together. Double elasticity in both warp and weft. Chairs with undercuts and paneling with bold curves are no longer a problem. Thanks to its double elasticity, the material adapts to any geometric shape.

Adaptaflex: gracefully rigid. Mono-elastic enriched with elastomers that ensure easy installation. For a highly resistant material that is easy to work with.

DuraSoft: the artificial leather that looks like the real thing. High resistance finish, soft to the touch, soft hand-feel that evokes the feel of natural leather.


DeepBrite: the fusion of European fashion with the East. Metallization paste, unprinted: extremely wear resistant. Innovative and bright, perfect to enhance outdoor areas or areas lit by LED lights.

Marmo di Carrara: italian Renaissance art. We follow our origins in every detail. To improve resistance to abrasion, the brightness of the colors and the final touch of the material, we enrich the skin of our most prestigious products with Carrara marble in micrometric powder. For our product to be your masterpiece.