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Materials exposed to the sun always have a temperature issue: they become very hot to the touch.

DeepBrite® technology, developed by Resinflex, contains inside aluminum microparticles.

These microparticles work on sunrays as countless reflective mirrors, reducing the temperature of the artificial leather.

Integrating the technology, DeebBrite® a reduction in temperature of up to 53.7 ° F (12°C) compared with a regular product of the same color.

Even on metallic colors like the classic gray, DeepBrite® technology can significantly decrease temperature in direct sunlight: on the gray color there is a difference of 53.7 ° F (12°C).

DeepBright® is embedded in the PVC compound, not simply applied as a finishing, to guarantee superior durability and wear resistance.

In addition, the compound creates a slight unpredictable play of light and reflections. A depth of light not obtainable with a surface print of a few microns.