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Blowing on the cartesian plane. Since 1947, Resinflex is quality, resistant and safe materials.

Cartesia®, developed jointly by Resinflex and Ventidieci architecture studio, combines for the first time digital print and technical wallpaper production.

While always true to the modular principles regulating wallpaper design, Cartesia® patterns are of two kinds: some are pure, a product of geometry; in others the geometry frames transforms, developing a variable density and form. In these second designs, the regular patterns are altered as if by gusts of wind. A closed figure opens; some lines are blown away; triangles are flipped around revealing unexpected colors. A music of change alters and and ultimately redefines the Cartesian truths.

All throughout, diagonal lines prevail, criss-crossing the wall and guiding the eye in unexpected directions. Lines of sight intersect objects, corners, furniture at different heights. The experience of interior space, the room, the wall, the corridor become dynamic.

All Cartesia® patterns are fully vectorial: lines, points, objects remain perfectly clear and pure at any distance , revealing the parametric principles that regulate the design.

The product line is suited to any use: from living units, to the workplace, to commercial spaces and hotels. If needed Cartesia® can be printed in Aphonflex with TNT backing.

  • Weight: 450 +/- 10% gr/m2
  • Composition: pvc and plasticizers 83%; TNT polyester-cellulose 17%
  • Longitudinal tensile strenght: > = 300 N
  • Transversal tensile strenght: > = 200 N
  • Resistance to longitudinal tearing: > = 20 N
  • Resistance to trasversal tearing: > = 10 N
  • Width: 70 cm
  • Roll lenght: standard 2.5 lmt (change upon request)

The color samples are indicative and not intended as an exact replica of the actual color of the product. Due to variations in monitor settings, color balance, browser used and operating system, colors are only representative and should not be interpreted as an exact color match of the listed product. Our operators will be happy to send you a check sample before ordering.