Our story began in 1947 in Turin, and since then we’ve been creating, producing and distributing artificial skins and wallcoverings around the world.

Since the beginning, we have played a leading advocative role in the promotion of furnishings and transport, and major companies within the industry have chosen us to create their products: in 1950, architect Carlo Molino designed chairs and sofas using Resinflex and Giò Ponti himself created furnishings for Cassina using our materials.

Among the projects we can boast of is the seating upholstery for the legendary Riva motorboats and the Italian ocean liners SS Michelangelo and SS Raffaello.

We work with a variety of different customers to produce both large and small projects: architects, designers, furniture producers, artisans, shipyards and wallpaper hangers. We have a worldwide presence, either directly or through trusted distributors and agents.

Today, Resinflex is a modern industrial company whose production cycle occurs entirely at our plant located in Turin, exclusively using raw materials originating in Europe.

In addition to guaranteeing the conformity of our production with established standards, our internal laboratory is involved in the development of new products and collections. Continuous technological research combined with attention to quality and the environment (we use a solvent-free water-based production process), and extensive personalization of the product based on the customer’s needs are hallmarks of Resiflex.