Please note that the color seen on the monitor is purely indicative. It is recommended to check with the color in the collection samples or to request a sample from Resinflex.

Polaris PRO

A range that starts from pastel colors, turns to metallics, and ends on the most gaudy shades: Polaris is the ideal product for every need!

With fifty-five different colors, it ranks as the flagship of the Resinflex collection. The elasticity in all directions makes it perfect for all types of coverings, from product to fashion design.

Kady 2.0

The bright colors intertwine with the metallic shades, giving life to a unique product!

Kady is ideal for those looking for a shiny surface with a homogeneous texture, while remaining, like all Resinflex products, light, resistant and eco-friendly.

Abaka 2.0

Traditional but always trendy, Abaka was born taking inspiration from the king of fabrics: Jeans!

The fine texture makes it perfect for modern design coatings, and the bright colors adapt to the needs of the youngest, thus making Abaka the 2.0 product of our collection, without sacrificing elasticity and resistance certified by Resinflex!


Elegant and sophisticated, the Chamois is the faux leather par excellence!

A chromatic range consisting of nineteen pastel colors and traditional nuances make it perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly and classy product, ideal for any type of upholstery thanks to its softness and ease of sewing.


The thick grain and neutral colors make Rattan perfect for those looking for a durable but natural-looking surface.

Available in fourteen colors, Rattan, like all Resinflex products, is washable, hygienic and elastic.

Satin 2.0

Metallic, silky to the touch, with a bright but structured look: this is Satin.

Ideal for the most precious coatings and for those who want to make their product shine, Satin is available in nineteen different colors, all characterized by metallic shades and brilliant reflections.


A broad and sometimes geometric texture make the Antares ideal for those looking for a modern and gritty faux leather upholstery.

The colors vary from the most neutral to the brightest shades, thus giving life to a versatile but always elegant product.


The Atlas collection is characterized by contemporary colors studied by the Marcante Testa architecture studio, by a fishy and velvety hand: it represents the sophisticated soul of Resinflex.

Suitable for covering all surfaces thanks to its elasticity, it is also very easy to clean.

Polaris Classic

The vinyl leather is enriched by the prestigious Carrara marble. An exclusive and patented Resinflex technique combines the shine and resistance of Carrara marble with the softness of high quality Italian vinyl leather.

In the Polaris Classic collection, history and innovation come together, giving birth to an ultra-resistant product and bringing a touch of the Italian Renaissance into your homes.