History and innovation come together to create a wide range of products
in both the field of artificial leather and that of wallcoverings.

This makes us a good partner in the contract, hospital, nautical, automotive, air and rail transport sectors.


Resinflex has a long-term, ongoing dialogue with the world of transportation: whether for the automotive, rail, nautical or aerospace sector, our product is what you are looking for!

Elasticity and strength intertwine creating a dynamic and versatile product, ideal for anyone who has made “movement” their byword.


Feeling at home is a matter of perception; Resinflex is the undisputed leader in this!

Whether dealing with solutions for private parties, hotels or offices, our products are perfect for every need, from wallcoverings to product design: the key to our success is the perfect balance between safety, hygiene and strength of materials; at Resinflex quality is our middle name!


Resinflex is the company that takes care of your facility in a market where hygiene and safety are fundamental requirements.

The functionality of our product, mixed with the certified Resinflex good taste, allows for establishing a pleasant and relaxing relationship between hospital facilities and their users.


Resinflex will guide you in creating a unique and innovative product tailored to your needs and requirements. Our team of graphic designers and digital plotters are at your complete disposal!